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7.8% ABV


Upper CanHoppy

Upper CanHoppy is one of our small batch Hazy Double IPA releases. 2 Row, White Wheat, and Flaked Red Wheat make up the grist bill. These lend to a silky smooth mouthfeel and body.


After lowering the temperature in the Whirlpool, we heavily dose this hazy with Talus, Chinook, and Simcoe Hops for big aromas of Berries, Candied Fruit, and a Light Dankness.


After fermentation is complete we Double Dry-Hop it with Mosaic and El Dorado to amplify the Berries and Candied Fruit which also add a Big Tropical punch. 


Pairs well with Indian curries, ceviche and vanilla ice cream. 7.8% ABV

AVAILABILITY:  6/4-pack cans   1/6 kegs  |  1/2 kegs

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