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Fruited Sour

4.9% ABV


Sour Series Peach

Our Peach Sour starts off with a simple grist of 2 Row and Wheat Malts for a soft body and smooth beer. Very lightly Hopped with Fruity Hops to help accentuate their notes of Peach and Apricot.


We then ferment and sour the beer in the fermenter and mid way during fermentation we add 880# of Natural Peach Purée. Big notes of Peach along with softer notes of Stone Fruits. Sour but not too sour, expect a refreshing and tart sour finish.


Pairs well with Cured Meats, Sharp Cheeses and Grilled Salmon. 

AVAILABILITY:  6/4-pack cans   1/6 kegs  |  1/2 kegs

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