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5.0% ABV


Hop-Squatch Lager

HopSquatch Lager is a hybrid Lager style beer, blending elements of an American Pale Ale and an American Lager. We keep the Malt bill simple with 2-Row, Munich, and Biscuit Malts. These Malts bring light Nutty notes and a hint of Crackers.


We then bring the American Pale Ale side of things to the boil kettle where we add Citra and Simcoe Hops at the end of the boil for aromas of Pine, Clementine Oranges and light Apricot.


In the fermenter we get our Lager profile by fermenting with a German-style Lager Yeast and fermenting it cool. At the end of fermentation we lightly Dry-hop with Sequoia and Amarillo for more Stone fruit and Citrus.


Pairs well with Pittsburgh Steak Salads, Charcuterie, and Black Velvet Cake.

AVAILABILITY:  6/4-pack cans   1/6 kegs  |  1/2 kegs

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