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7.8% ABV


Branch Manager 2X NEIPA

Branch Manager is a 2X New         England Style IPA coming in at 7.8% ABV. In addition to 2-Row, the Malt Bill includes Chit Malt, Oats and Flaked Barley which leads to a silky smooth full bodied mouthfeel.


Talus and Simcoe were added to the Whirlpool. These bring out notes of Pine, Resin and a slight Floral note. Huge notes of Berries and Mangos from the heavy Mosaic Dry-Hop are complemented by Grapefruit and Guava aromas from Ekuanot Dry-Hopping.

AVAILABILITY:  6/4-pack cans   1/6 kegs  |  1/2 kegs

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